Where We Are

The Congregation

If one word were used to describe the members of First Presbyterian Church, that word might be “diverse.”  This is one of the most varied and assorted gatherings of people you are likely to find!

We are young and old, rich and poor, Republicans and Democrats.  Some of our members are conservative and some are liberal.  Some of our members hold Ph.D.s and some hold G.E.D.s.  Some are gay and some are straight.  We are descendants of Native Americans, African slaves, European settlers, Chinese immigrants, and who knows what else!

But we are a community – dare we say a “family.”  We care passionately for one another and work hard to see that justice and righteousness thrive in our world.  We laugh together, cry together, struggle together, and celebrate together. 

The key word is “together.”  We may not always agree on each and every thing that happens in the church and in the world.  But we have learned to disagree without being “disagreeable.”  What unites us is Jesus Christ.  And that is more important than anything else.