Sermon Title: January 24, 2021 Sanctuary Worship, Sermon, "What If God Really Means It?"

    Jan 24th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Mark 1:14-20


    Sermon Title: Dreams and Visions

    Jan 18th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  John 1:43-51

    Sermon Title: Beginnings

    Jan 11th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Mark 1:4-11

    Sermon Title: What Are You Looking For?

    Jan 4th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Matthew 2:1-12

    Sermon Title: Priceless

    Dec 28th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Luke 2:22-40

    Sermon Title: The Lesson of Jabez Dawes

    Dec 21st  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Luke 1:26-38

    Sermon Title: Temporary Inconvenience-Permanent Improvement

    Dec 7th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Mark 1:1-8

    Sermon Title: Full

    Nov 30th  |  Ange Humphrey |  John 1:1-14

    Sermon Title: An Honest Thanksgiving

    Nov 23rd  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Psalms 96:1-13