Sermon Title: A Preview of Coming Attractions

Mar 18th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Jeremiah 31:31-34

Pastor Kevin is back in the pulpit with the good news that God is a work.


Sermon Title: Living in the Light

Sep 29th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Genesis 1:1-5

Sermon Title: One Extraordinarily Weird Story

Sep 22nd  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Luke 16:1-13

Sermon Title: The Last Place You Look

Sep 15th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Luke 15:1-10

Sermon Title: You've Got to be Kidding

Sep 8th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Luke 14:25-33

Sermon Title: 3. Wow!

Sep 1st  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Psalm 8

Sermon Title: 2. Thanks!

Aug 25th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Psalm 130

Sermon Title: 1. Help!

Aug 18th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Psalm 130

Sermon Title: The Theology of Surplus

Aug 11th  |  The Reverend Tamara Gieselman |  Luke 12:13-21