Sermon Title: The Problem with Proof

Apr 3rd  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  John 20:18-31


Sermon Title: Whose Religion Is This?

Oct 12th  |  The Reverend Wendy McCormick |  Exodus 32:1-14

Sermon Title: The Second Gospel: Table Manners

Oct 5th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  1 Corinthians 11:17-34

Sermon Title: The First Gospel: Trusting the Creator

Sep 28th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Job 38-39

Sermon Title: The First Gospel: Beyond Lip Service

Sep 21st  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Psalm 148

Sermon Title: The First Gospel: All Things In God

Sep 14th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Psalm 104

Sermon Title: The First Gospel: Celebrate the Creator

Sep 7th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Psalm 65

Sermon Title: Answering THE Question

Aug 24th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Matthew 16:13-20

Sermon Title: Feeding the Dogs

Aug 17th  |  The Reverend Kevin Scott Fleming |  Matthew 15:10-28