Worship Unclassified Seminar

Tuesday, Aug 27, 2019, 7:00pm

Coordinator: Contact Kevin Fleming at

Many of our members and regular guests did not grow up in the Presbyterian Church. As a result, there are lots of questions about lots of things! We’ll take on some of those questions over the next few months in short-term seminars designed to introduce some aspects of what it means to be Presbyterian.

Our first seminar is entitled, “Worship Unclassified.” We will explore why Presbyterians worship as we do, we’ll help you to interpret the weekly bulletin, understand the liturgical year, discuss the Sacraments, and much more. 

You can register online at the following link: https://firstpresevansville.ccbchurch.com/event_list.php?ax=list&display_mode=month&the_date=20190815#events/963/occurrence/20190820