Welcome and Hospitality Team

The Welcome and Hospitality Team of First Pres would like to thank everyone who helped make the Carry-In Breakfast and Combined Service on August 15 a huge success.  The turn-out and enthusiastic response exceeded our highest expectations, the fellowship was wonderful and the food was nothing short of spectacular.  We plan to make this an annual event, tentatively scheduled for the first Sunday after school starts each year.  We have received so many requests for recipes for the dishes we enjoyed at the Carry-In Breakfast that we have decided to collect the recipes and put them together into a booklet from the event.  If you are willing to share your recipe for the dish(es) you brought, please submit them in writing to Bonnie Swetman or email Bonnie at

The Welcome and Hospitality Team is one of the new groups that grew out of the church's recent long range planning efforts.  We meet at 6:15 pm on the third Tuesday of every month.  In addition to planning the August 15 event, we have developed a program to help people who attend our worship services for the first time feel like a welcomed guest rather than just a "visitor".  Part of this program is our "Welcome Mug Ministry".  Our Team has put together gift bags with a First Pres mug and some information about the church, and when a first-time visitor leaves their name and address on a yellow slip, we deliver the bag to their home.  We are also working on a program to better assimilate new members and friends into our church family.  Our goal is simply to make sure that new members and friends are made aware of all of the opportunities for involvement in the life and ministry of the church and encouraged to become involved in whatever ways they choose.

The members of the Welcome and Hospitality Team are:  Mary Anderson, Sue Buthod, Susi Canfield, Kristi Cirignano, Susan Coleman, Mary Dannettell, Ruth Lankford, Marylu Sonntag and Bonnie Swetman.  If you would like more information about our efforts, are interested in helping with the Welcome Mug Ministry or joining the Welcome and Hospitality Team, please talk to any of these individuals or contact Kristi Cirignano at (812) 760-527 or .